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Welcome to the Precision Rifle Shop! We are competitive precision rifle shooters, keen hunters, and general outdoor enthusiasts. We love the challenge of long range shooting, we love the pursuit of accuracy, and we also love the people in our precision rifle community.  Read More...

Our borderline OCD habits combined with our excessively competitive nature sees us constantly demanding the best products on the market. Throughout our own journey in the firearms industry as customers, we have struggled to find the products we wanted in Australia and that is why the Precision Rifle Shop was born.

The mission for us is to build relationships with some of the leading brands in the firearms industry, and to bring their products to the Australian precision rifle community. Our aim is to keep the business niche and maintain healthy inventory of a smaller product range rather than making the common mistake of offering a huge product range and failing to hold stock.

All products sold by the Precision Rifle Shop are of high quality, and are always items we personally use or believe in. We physically test our products, and have high expectations which must be met before we consider selling them to our customers.

Precision Rifle Shop is a hobby and passion turned into a business, and we truly hope to be of service to you. We will do our best to help you get on target whether you are a general shooter plinking for fun, a hunter heading out in the field on your next hunt, a club member heading down to the local rifle range, or a competitive shooter entering the next precision rifle series match.

Without Warning – TMB

Precision Rifle Shop is the Australian distributor for Without Warning and their market leading tuner muzzle brake (TMB).

TMB (Gen 2) – Specifications

  • 4 port muzzle brake
  • Inbuilt barrel tuner
  • Self timing design
  • 45 degree ports
  • 24 tuner positions
  • 303 stainless steel
  • 1.00” brake diameter
  • 1.58” tuner diameter
  • 4.40” overall length
  • Adds 2.9” to barrel
  • 4oz tuner & 12oz total
  • 5/8×24 3A UNEF thread
  • Calibre specific inserts
  • .264 or .308 available
  • Electropolish or DLC
  • Rated up to 300PRC
  • Comes with tooling
  • Patented design
  • Lifetime warranty

Place Your Order

Fill out the form below to order your TMB online, you will be emailed an invoice with payment information. Once payment is received we will send your TMB order via Australia Post express shipping.

TMB Stock levels

We currently have stock of tuner muzzle brakes in both sizes and both finish options.

.264 Electropolish – in stock*

.264 DLC black – in stock*

.308 Electropolish – in stock*

.308 DLC black – in stock*

If you would like to upgrade your wrench or add a tuner delete jam nut when ordering a TMB you can leave a note in the notes section down the bottom.

New style wrenches – in stock*

Tuner delete jam nuts – in stock*

If you require any accessories or spare parts please send us an email to discuss.

Current Pricing

  • Electropolish TMB – $565
  • DLC coated TMB – $595
  • Tuner delete jam nut – $95
  • New style wrench – $65

All TMB orders will receive free delivery Australia wide via Australia Post express shipping.

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Hardy Rifle Barrels

Precision Rifle Shop is the Australian distributor & stockist of Hardy Rifle Engineering match grade barrel blanks.

Hardy logo

Hardy Rifle Barrels

Hardy Rifle Engineering produce match grade barrels of world class quality due to a combination of the finest materials & engineering expertise. Hardy invest a significant amount of time and resources into research, testing and evaluation of their rifle barrels which are 100% made in New Zealand. Read More...

Competition shooters and hunters around the world are achieving results which can only be expected from the finest barrel making craftsmanship. Whether you are an avid hunter needing to make that first shot count, or a competition shooter demanding round after round consistency, we have you covered with a Hardy match grade rifle barrel.

Stainless Steel Barrels

Hardy stainless steel rifle barrels are manufactured from 416R stainless steel with a stringent process developed by Hardly rifle engineering to produce world class barrels. All Hardy barrels are CNC gun drilled, spill bore reamed, precision button rifled and lead lap finished. Read More...

The combinations are endless with a wide selection of calibres, twist rates and barrel profiles to suit your needs. You can select a suitable calibre and twist rate for your bullets, choose a contour to suit your application, then have your gunsmith finish and chamber your barrel as required.

Carbon Fibre Barrels

Inside the carbon fibre you will find a barrel made from the exact same material and process as Hardy stainless steel rifle barrels. The barrels are then wrapped using an ultra-light carbon similar to the material found in racing cars and yachts. Read More...

Every contour is laminated specifically for strength and rigidity using the latest and most advanced methods. When we combine our carbon cloth with the patented nanotech interwound bonding layer it modifies the characteristics to spread stress over the entire laminate.

Our carbon barrels dampen harmonics to an extremely high degree to provide an incredible level of shot-to-shot consistency, which is essential for optimal performance, especially when the barrel heat increases.

Contour Dimensions

Barrel Contour
(1.25 straight)

PRS-5 Barrel Contour

Here at the Precision Rifle Shop we found ourselves searching the internet and studying barrel diagrams trying to find the best solution for our own PRS rifles with little success. Although there are plenty of usable options out there, we felt nobody had completely nailed the ultimate barrel contour for PRS style shooting. Read More...

Through extensive research and development, combined with our own experience and knowledge from competitive precision rifle shooting, we came up with the design and worked with our good friends at Hardy to bring the PRS-5 barrel profile to reality.

Our aim of this project was to design something that ticks all the boxes for a precision rifle, and offers PRS shooters a product developed specifically for their application. The main design considerations were the overall weight, rifle balance, muzzle device compatibility and the visual aesthetics of the barrel.

As a result, the PRS-5 offers increased weight at the muzzle when compared to other ‘heavy varmint’ or ‘competition’ style barrel contours which improves rifle balance and helps to fight recoil and muzzle rise. The PRS-5 only weighs slightly less than a 1.25” straight barrel whilst keeping the sleek look of a nicely tapered barrel and without hindering your muzzle device compatibility.

*The PRS-5 barrel contour has been designed to be compatible with the TMB, this is the largest diameter barrel you can fit a TMB to without having a step machined into your barrels muzzle for tuner clearance.

PRS-5 Muzzle Diameter

This table can be used as a quick reference guide to work out the muzzle diameter of our PRS-5 barrel contour at your desired finished barrel length. Many common muzzle brakes have a diameter of approximately 1.0 to 1.1 inches which is perfectly suited to the muzzle diameter of the PRS-5 with a barrel finished length anywhere from 20 to 30 inches.

*From a mathematical perspective, the Without Warning TMB will fit all barrel finished lengths above 22 inches. This obviously relies on your muzzle threads being correctly centred and aligned with the barrel, the internal diameter of the tuner is 1.1 inches.

Finished Length20″22″24″26″28″30″
Muzzle Diameter1.1”

What Do We Stock?

Barrels are far from a ‘one size fits all’ product which makes it tricky to hold stock due to the number of combinations with barrel types, calibres, twist rates, contours, lengths, finishes and other options. We make our best attempts to keep a range of stainless steel barrel blanks in stock to cater for the precision rifle community, and with time we plan to expand our range.

Currently our biggest stock holdings are of common calibres (22 cal, 6mm & 6.5mm) used for PRS with fast twist rates to suit heavy bullets. We keep stock of 1.25 straight blanks and of our own PRS-5 contour designed specifically for PRS rifles to achieve the optimal rifle weight & balance.

We do not currently keep the following in stock:

  • Fluted or Carbon fibre barrels
  • Large calibres (7mm and up)
  • Slow twist rates (1.8 and slower)
  • Lightweight or custom contours
  • Bead blast finished barrels

Rest assured, we are more than happy to order any Hardy barrel combination in for you, and their lead times are generally pretty good even for a custom order. If you are after something specific, we will be keen to hear from you and help find a solution.

*All Hardy barrel orders will be sent via Australia Post to your postal address unless otherwise specified. We can send barrels direct to your gunsmith if you put their details in the notes section when placing your order.

Current Pricing

  • Stainless Barrel Blank $860
  • Fluted Barrel Blank $1160
  • Carbon Barrel Blank $1460

Standard shipping is currently $30 and express shipping is $40 per barrel.

Place Your Order

Fill out the form below to order your Hardy barrel, you will be emailed an invoice with payment information. Once payment is received, we will send your Hardy barrel order via Australia Post. 

Please note, we will only send an invoice and request payment if we physically have your order in stock ready to ship. If you order something we do not keep in stock or if we have sold out, we will contact you to discuss lead times and options.

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Can We Help?

If you have a question or if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to shoot an email to:

TMB dealer enquires are welcome. We are the Australian distributer and retailer for Without Warning TMB’s, but we also have several TMB dealers too. If you are a gunsmith or a retailer, and you would like to become a dealer, please reach out to us for a chat.